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7th December 2010

onelife2live5a12:41pm: Procrastination
Does anyone have any tips to deal with/get rid of procrastinating? It's something I've dealt with for years and have gotten better at doing things on time but still quite not where i want to be.


4th October 2010

mikkoueda12:05pm: I have a problem.

How do you express your feelings for someone in a non-verbal manner?

I'm too emotionally detached for my own good, and my SO is trying her best to handle it, but I think it's about time I tried something. Except I don't know what to do! We're long-distance, 14 hours by air apart from each other, so...

14th June 2010

justaduckpond6:41pm: I am running a donation drive to try and earn $160.00, but I don't know where I can post links to such a thing.  Where would I do something like that?

27th February 2010

assula10:53pm: Hi guys. So, I'm eighteen, and I've been going out with my boyfriend for about four months or so. At first, everything was perfect, but now, things are getting frustrating.

Whenever I point out something that bothers me, he ignores it. Now, I don't mean things like, "I wish you wouldn't play WoW." I mean that he acts like his opinion is the best, or at least that my opinion is less than his. When I ask for help understanding his opinion, he says it wouldn't make a difference or he doesn't want to bother. In fact, that's his stance on most things - he just doesn't want to bother. When I do something that he mentions bothers him, I do my best not to do it around him, at the very least. When I mention something he does that bothers me, he goes, "Yes," and that's the end of the conversation. I've mentioned this to him and he tells me that he isn't dismissing it, he's just working on fixing it by himself and not talking about it. Which is okay, I guess, but it doesn't change the fact that it seems like he dismisses everything I say.

We were also raised very differently. My parents are ridiculously affectionate and encouraging, and always interested in my life. His are the exact opposite. I have no problem with the fact that we were raised in different styles, but I do have a problem with the fact that he acts as though his way was better, or mine was silly. He's also told me that "I'm silly", and when I asked why, he responded with, "I don't know. It's the way you were raised."

I suppose it's the fact that I'm very sympathetic and have a drive to help people. He doesn't. That's fine, but I wonder if maybe we're too different to be together. There's also the fact that we haven't really cuddled or kissed a lot in about a month, and he doesn't seem to care, even though I've mentioned I do. I don't miss him when I don't see him during the week anymore, and whenever I think of breaking up with him, I don't get a strong, negative reaction. I feel indifferent. I don't know what to do, or if he's right and I'm being silly.

30th January 2010

ocean_depths7:42pm: Crashing
And burning, crashing and burning, crashing and burning.

I am. I eat, I drink water, I pee, I poop. In between I seem to run out of nutrients and totally crash. But it's not diabetes. Exams begin with urodynamics on 2nd March - fun.

Now then. I've made a mistake, and I need to write about it somewhere. Ideally I'd talk to someone, and let it all out. However, I cannot consistently talk to these people (my friends) and expect them to listen to my woes. So, I will write them here, and hope someone has an opinion/answer by the end of
this passage.Collapse )
I love her, I looked at flower language and found hyacinths (purple) mean asking for forgiveness and sorrow. So I bought her one since they flower from Feb on, for 99p in the local flower shop :)

So, biggest mistake of my life if she never sees me for who I am again, and falls back in love with me. Biggest success if she sees that and loves me all the same - that's as bad as I ever get.

Is there anything I'm obviously missing that I should be doing? I've written to her explaining, we've spoken on the phone and I've said how sorry I am. I think it's time to move on from this and be ourselves again, and if love happens to still be there, then great. Any other suggestions seriously appreciated!!

[Edit] All is well. Lover says she understands, and is mad at herself for taking what I said to heart so much, even knowing where it came from. I explained she had every right to be mad, it was only natural. It's not ok yet, but she appreciates I'm doing my best to fix it and my best is rather a lot as it happens. About the same as when I got her a multi box of different teas, which was one of her favouritest presents ever (few yrs ago, before we were even thinking of going out!). So, on with a 6wk postgrad assignment, that must be done by 9.15pm tomorrow - a challenge I've set for me and a friend. It will be done =] I've done it before and now I have even more reason to do it again!! Thanks for your concern, maybe you're still right - but she has a dark side too so we understand each other. It's all gonna be ok!! Now I'm wired, so am gonna do some work and put this energy to good use :D

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23rd January 2010

itsoveritsover2:40pm: This might not exactly fit the community guidelines, and if so I'm sorry. But I really want someone to explain tumblr to me. I've tried it and just get overwhelmed. Maybe I'm just a technotard.

AIM - skylovessea
or just comment.

TIA <3

27th September 2009

goldilion2:41pm: ow gosh!
hey all...

I wanna ask sumthing, do anyone nows what the difference between IB Diploma programme and non Diploma program. my invetor is dizzy searching the difference, advantages, and advantages.

Her school hav a good news, which is for 9 grader; they dont have any goverment test again. but the bad news is that her school just have a diploma program for year 11 and 12.

so can you help my inventor please...

if you be her, what choice do you make?
going out from the school or staying there and into the DP program



18th July 2009

itsoveritsover2:00pm: I've had it
I usually go to MRH for these types of Qs,
but they are not answering me anymore. :/

I need hairstyle ideas.

What would you do in my situation?

1. I don't want to have bangs
2. I don't want to cut it TOO short unless I find something really nice. Just because I feel like longer hair is better on me (I have a chubby face)
3. I need something easy to manage, as I'm a mom, student, freelancer, saleswoman, and NOT a morning person.

1st June 2009

just_me_4783:23pm: can ANYONE help me?
im a cutter. fairly new. started in january. when i first started i only did like one cut with a push pin. and every night i would re open tht one cut and dig a  bit deeper. but then i started loving and craving that feeling so i moved from push pins to a mirror i broke. it was amazing. then i did about 5 on my wrist every night. my  life was becoming hell so i felt like i deserved to be hurt because of how useless i am. one night everything at my house went wrong. there was a huge fight and i was pushed over the edge. that night i attempted hanging myself but obviously it didnt work. i did about 20 more deep cuts on my wrist that night. i dont think i will ever stop cutting, i know its something that will stick with me for life. but i wish it didnt have to be that way. i am most defintly addicted to dragging the blade across my wrist and watching the blood flow. one of my friends told me to switch to my shoulder because it bleeds less. so i obliged.

i told my mum n dad about this whole thing in april. (not the suicide attempts by then i had 3) just the cutting. my mum took my mirror, and my blade i took out of my razor. but she didnt kno that i kept some in which i still have. i havent been cutting so much lately, but its extremely hard and i find myself scratching the hell out of my wrist and it looks horrible. i have over 30 scars on my wrist, i find them beautiful (im gruesome, i know)

wel heres my problem; i have a boyfriend, he lives far away. but theres this other guy that i have completely fallen for. i really want to date the new guy, hes just amazingly funny, sweet, understaing, and hott.  but  i have known my boyfriend my whole life and he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. thinking of breaking up with my bf makes me want to cut, not being with the new guy makes me want to cut, staying with my bf makes me want to cut, just seeing the new guy's face and not being with him makes me want to cut. its a horrible circle and im trying to quit cutting, but i cant.

can someone please lead me in the right direction?
vickaybaybee5:59pm: Need some advise
Im 9 and a half stone. i know i need to loose weight but my family keep making little comments about my weight but the thing is they dont know how it affects me. Im on a diet but  i feel like its just not coming off as fast as id like so iv started starving myself and im worried i might get a eating disoder, i dont know what to do.
Current Mood: sad
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